Bolt Action Starter - El Alamein Battle Set


This starter set gives you everything you need to play a Bolt Action game based within the Western Desert, you're able to make two forces from this set, representing the Allies and the Axis efforts of attempting to control the deserts of Africa!

It has two armies to use, templates and pin markers, order dice and regular dice, terrain, an A5 rulebook which is only found in its sister set, the Band of Brothers! Also, it also comes with the latest Bolt Action supplement for free, the Western Desert book which contains everything you need to know about both of the British 8th army and the German DAK forces, and more importantly, how to fight in desert warfare!

This set contains:

  • 1 x German Afrika Korps Plastic Box Set
  • 1 x British 8th Army Plastic Box Set
  • 1 x Western Desert Book and Special Miniature
  • 1 x Bolt Action Mini Rulebook (A5)
  • 1 x Sarissa Precision MDF Small Destroyed House
  • 1 x Yellow D6 Dice Pack (Which contains 10 10mm dice)
  • 1 x Small Order Dice pack - Olive Drab (Which contains 4 order dice)
  • 1 x Small Order Dice pack - Brown (Which contains 4 order dice)
  • 1 x Pin Markers set (Which contains 12 pin markers)
  • 1 x Templates and Tokens set

This starter set is based around the first battle of El Alamein. A conflict fought in the western desert campaign. It took place between 1–27 July 1942 in Egypt. The combined Axis forces of the Panzer Army Afrika and Italian army led by Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal) Erwin Rommel attempted to enter into Egypt and was staved off by the British and the Commonwealth 8th army who was led by General Claude Auchinleck.

Whilst it ultimately ended in a stalemate, the British did succeed of holding the Axis combined arms at bay.

You're able to field two Bolt Action forces from this set, each serving as an excellent basis to expand your forces even further in any manner!