Capital City

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Type: Board Game
  • BUILD THE BEST OLD WEST: This fast-playing game finds players bidding, buying, and building as they assemble Main Street and inhabit it with Old West families. Win the title of Mayor of Capital City!
  • BROAD APPEAL AND ENGAGING TO ANYONE: The eye-popping, fanciful artwork showcases the fun and adventure of building the Old West with families from six unique colorful animal groups in human form.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Capital City features streamlined and easy to understand gameplay, yet engages players of all experience levels with robust choices each turn. Set up your town and earn points!
  • LOTS OF FUN TO BE HAD: Bid for turn order, choose characters off the train, buy buildings, and put townsfolk to work! Be clever in your choices, earn money, and votes to win!
  • WHO CAN PLAY: 3-6 players ages 8+ can play using the included 36 Building cards, 54 Character cards, 4 Season cards, 6 Priority cards, 60 Dollar tokens, 60 Victory Point (Vote) tokens, and rules.