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Type: warhammer

They come with a host of details, appropriate to their constant movement and veteran status:

  • 2 shock hand axes and 10 sets of bolt storm magazines to attach to their waists, as well as grappling hooks and satchels.
  • 2 arms featuring reloading bolt storm pistols are included as an optional assembly.
  • 2 models in the kit can hold an astral compass - perfect for nomadic guerrilla warfare, this arcane device allows them to navigate impossible geometries with ease, and thus attack the enemy from angles they least expect.
  • 2 models can be assembled as Hunter-Primes - these variants feature a unique, sculpted shoulder pad with a bear motif, and carry their own shock hand axe, with inflicts extra attacks in-game.

This kit is supplied with 10 Citadel 40mm Round bases.