The Mansky Caper

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Type: Board Game
  • LOOT OR LOSE: Fellas, it’s time to make a name for ourselves. Al Mansky the big, bad mob boss is out of town, so this is our chance to move in! We’ll ransack his mansion and loot his safes. It’s nothing personal, just business.
  • GEMS AND EXPLOSIVES: As we open Mansky’s safes, we’ll find both valuables and dynamite traps! After all, Mansky is an eccentric man who only trusts his diabolical security system of explosives. Avoid the most traps and collect the most money by working with those around you. Of course, look out for yourself first, because whoever loots most becomes the new boss!
  • LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Present this quick to learn, easy to play game of strategy and luck to your family and friends. It doesn’t take much experience for gamers to pick up the rules of this fast game. Families, including the kids, teenagers, and adults, can enjoy this game at all sorts of parties.
  • FUN FOR ALL: This 40 to 60 minute game is for 2 to 6 players who are 8 years old and older. Youth, including teens and children, will love playing this party game as a time filler. Any child, whether boy or girl, will have fun.
  • CONTENTS: 10 Room cards, 1 Getaway car, 12 stands, 6 Favor markers, 8 Character pawns, 8 Character cards, 5 Safes, 78 Loot tokens, 144 Coins, 60 Gems, 32 Danger-Danger! tokens, 1 Danger-Danger! die, 1 Loot bag, 6 Stash bags, 32 GASP! tokens, 1 Supply box, 30 GASP! cards, 1 Rulebook