control the market and make your fish restaurant the best in Tokyo! dawn quietly in the gigantic tsukiji market, but there is no time to do sightseeing, there is a lot of work in the 1930 Tokyo. You are the owner of a restaurant that must face other merchants at bustling auctions in search of the best fish and the best seafood. You will need to understand market logic, manipulate prices, set traps, sabotage your opponents and seek the greatest possible profit in this intense battle for the best fish in all Japan.en tsukiji, the goal is to finish the game with the most valuable product card set for your restaurant. At the end of the game, the player with more money, after the conversion of their products, wins. Contents105 cards, 36 rating vouchers, 12 price signs, 36 coins, 5 product markers, 1 initial player marker, 1 quote board and a rules book.Recommended age: 10+ game duration: 30 min. Approx. Players: 3-5