What does it take to open a game store?

What does it take to open a game store?

What does it take to open a game store?

What's up, Gamers? Chad from Gameology here, with a little exciting behind the scenes look at what it takes to open a game store!

First, you have to get a professional to draft your floor plans. The city and county want official drawings of everything you do. So, before you can knock out that wall, you have to have the plans drawn up and submitted for regulation review.

Next, you have to file a demolition permit. How is all that material being hauled away? Did you remember to get a permit for the dumpster? Is electrical impacted? Do you have the plans showing how the electricity is being altered? Did you pressure test the fire sprinklers? Did they pass? So much to worry about and get done!

To give you folks an idea of what all these things cost - the drawings, permits, site walk through, inspections, and fees ran close to $20,000 alone! All that is before any worker can even step in the building to start work. It’s a lengthy and expensive process!

These are just the initial steps we are doing for you, our community and customers, so that when we officially open you can have confidence that we have done our due diligence; that things were done to code; and that we have followed each and every safety precaution so you can focus on having the fun we are here to provide to all of you!


Remember while we are under construction, our webstore is available for you 24/7 at gameologygames.com