Red Devils

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Red Devils contains background on the British 1st Airborne Division covering their origins, and campaigns in 1942 and 1943. Inside you will also find background on the Commandos and their actions in the middle years of the war.

An expanded Eighth Army Force Diagram can also be found in Red Devils. This allows you to field a Parachute Company and Commando Troops alongside the Formations found in Armoured Fist. Airborne support units have also been included in the Force diagram, allowing you to take additional support options like 75mm Airlanding Batteries, an Airlanding 6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon, and an Airlanding Recce Platoon.

The special rules section covers the unique rules of both the Red Devil paras and the Commandos.

You can field either a Parachute Company, or a Commando Troop from Red Devils

Parachute Company
The Parachute Company is formed around a tough core of British paras. The Formation is made up of a Headquarters, two or three Parachute Platoons, either a Parachute 3-inch mortar Platoon or a Parachute Vickers MMG Platoon, and an Airlanding 6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon.

The Parachute Company, as a formation of tough, elite, and well-trained specialists are highly rated. Their Motivation is Fearless 3+ across the board, their Skill is Trained 4+, but with a formidable Deadly Assault rating of 3+, and their Is Hit On rating is Careful 4+.